Filip Fejdi is a self-taught fine art photographer from Bratislava, Slovakia. Born to Slovak parents in Serbia during the 1990s, Filip's unique upbringing shapes the depth and perspective of his work. His photographic journey began in 2010 with an iPhone 3, marking the start of his exploration into the world of visual storytelling.

Gifted his first camera by his parents, Filip delved into various photography styles before discovering his true passion in conceptual, travel, and boudoir photography. His work, influenced by luminaries like Sebastiao Salgado, Josef Koudelka, and Ansel Adams, echoes a deep understanding of his subjects, blending technical prowess with a profound narrative quality.

Filip's eclectic interests also include capturing the whimsical nature of cats, adding a unique dimension to his portfolio. Residing in Bratislava since 2009, Filip continues to push the boundaries of photography, inviting viewers into his world of exploration, discovery, and artistic expression.

Artist Statement

Photography, for me, transcends the mere capture of images; it is a spiritual exercise, a dual journey of exploring the external grandeur of the world and the intricate landscapes of my inner self. My inspiration springs from the wonders of nature and the intriguing depths of human encounters. I find myself drawn to the captivating allure of water - lakes, rivers, seas, and the ever-changing faces of the ocean.

My style is marked by its cleanliness and minimalism, emphasizing the beauty found in simplicity and detail. The vastness of open spaces often dominates my frame, inviting viewers into a world of serene expansivity. My work is not a premeditated pursuit but a spontaneous act, born from the moments I live and the journeys I embark upon, with my camera as a constant companion.

In my art, I am not a storyteller in the traditional sense. Instead, I aim to evoke a contemplative mood, to stir emotions and to illuminate the inherent beauty, mystery, and contradictions of our world. The act of capturing these moments slows down the relentless pace of life, grounding me in the present, and I aspire to share this tranquil introspection with my audience.

As a fine art photographer, my portfolio is a tapestry woven from three main threads - conceptual photography, where I frame the fascinating phenomena of urban and natural landscapes; travel photography, which is an anthology of the diverse beauty of our planet; and boudoir/erotic photography, celebrating the graceful and intimate expressions of femininity. My work delves into themes of beauty and mystery, impermanence and duality, contrasts and harmonies.

In an era of relentless motion and complexity, my photography is an invitation to pause, to reflect, and to find solace in the profound yet simple wonders of our existence.

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